Sep 29, 2020

You ever hear some music that immediately makes your pits stink? I had to change my shirt after I heard this frothing expression of rage by Pink Siifu. Negro is an experimental album that merges breaks of corrosive noise, soundbites from black power speeches and newsclips about police murders of unarmed black people, speaker-bludgeoning hardcore, haunting soul samples, and deep breaths of introspective hip-hop. The chaos takes place under a shifting blanket of fuzz and distortion, and it feels like right now, when there’s no middle and people are furious and mournful, cooped up and taking to the streets. I played this album a lot in June, watching protests taking place, thinking how resistance had boiled from chants of Kendrick Lamar’s “We gon’ be alright” to Pink Siifu shredding this throat screaming, “White man try to take my shit/ tell the police they can eat a dick.” –Chris Terry (

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