PINK LINCOLNS: Suck and Bloat: LP

Jul 28, 2020

The great thing about somehow being ignorant of a classic band for thirty years is getting that singular feeling that you’re hearing something classic for the first time. It’s an instant, “Oh, fuck yes” sort of feeling, much like that first beer after a long, hard day of physical labor. Just before this record (a reissue of Pink Lincolns’ third album from 1994) arrived on my doorstep, I had finally checked out their 1989 debut album and felt rightly stupid for having missed them, but got that aforementioned feeling, one I had often in the ’90s when first discovering any of our genre’s classic bands. This album is a snotty, catchy, raw punk rock classic. Go get it now, on gorgeous hot pink vinyl! Oh, and Iggy Pop is responsible for the cover art, as if this needed any more cred. –Chad Williams (Rad Girlfriend,