PINK BOLTS: “Sex Gym” b/w “I Just Called to Say I Love Me”: CS

Aug 25, 2016

Mike Judge’s TV show King of the Hill once proclaimed: people gave up on the cassingle way too soon. Being into records, it’s hard for me to take this stance, but I think it’s obscene how bands are shelling out money to get expensive records pressed. Nobody wins in this scenario. Many are selling their half-baked band to their friends for inflated prices. It’s just true in a lot of cases. Your band might not even suck; it doesn’t mean you’re ready to put out a record. 7”s pushed punk forward in a time when it was cheap to press a single and make it look relevant. It’s a shame so many bands write a few songs and rush to be validated by spending too much money on expensive record pressing. I understand the desire. The excitement. But part of the excitement should be finding new ways to get music out. I’m convinced it’s a problem and it doesn’t seem to be going away. The punk thing to do is to fix it. Here is a band that put together a really nice cassingle. This is a great looking cassingle. The music is Devo-inspired with sarcastic-sounding vocals similar to Jello Biafra imitating other people. It’s a fine cassingle. If you’re into Devo, you should check it out. And you won’t spend nineteen dollars. I guess. Unless this cassingle is nineteen dollars. In that case, I wouldn’t spend nineteen dollars on it. Otherwise, pull the trigger on this if you’re a fan of solid, retro electronica. It’s a fun listen. –Billups Allen (Volar,