PINE HILL HAINTS, THE: The Song Companion of a Lone Star Cowboy: LP

Jan 05, 2022

I’ll say it every time I’m lucky enough to review this band—the Pine Hill Haints are absolutely fantastic, and manage to maintain ground a sense of fun and a kind of dogged solemnity into every chord, every pop of the snare drum. Rockabilly, blues, country, all run heavy through the blood of Lone Star Cowboy, and it all sounds authentic and scrappy and joyous and tough as hell. Jamie Barrier’s vocals haven’t lost a bit of their swagger or charm, and after who knows how many albums and how many thousands of shows, it’s pretty clear these people are lifers. Closest band I can think of—if not sonically then in general aesthetic and world-weariness and music-as-a-way-of-life—is Dead Moon, and that’s not something I bandy around. An unflinchingly punk heartbeat threaded through fifteen Americana songs. –Keith Rosson (Single Lock)

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