PIG FRENZY: “I Don’t Need You” b/w “Oral Moral”: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

Pig Frenzy is a recipe of mishmash: one part garage punk; one part surf punk; and a dash of anger. Amuse-bouche is French for “mouth amuser,” and I feel like Pig Frenzy’s 7” is an ear amuser. Celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten described amuse bouche as, “The best way for a great chef to express his or her ideas in small bites,” and Pig Frenzy did that in just two songs. “I Don’t Need You” begins with dark guitar riffs and a slow-building drum beat. The wailing from the feedback is ominous and makes me wonder if dark alley punk is a thing. It should be. The tempo picks up into a surf-inspired drum beat and garagey, guttural, yelling vocals. “Oral Moral” has the post-punk feel that the band had set out to achieve, then goes off every so often into spoken word, some yelling, and back up moans. The insert has several black and white party pictures of the band and phrases written around them, such as “All pigs are bastards,” “A slimy fever dream,” and “Dick friendly?!” whatever that means. They also self-describe themselves as “Pig Frenzy is trash,” and “Easy listening for degenerates.” Dark alley punk is now a thing, and so are amuse-bouche 7” albums. This album is the first release from new indie record label Spazz Records, and has a limited edition print of three hundred. –Cynthia Pinedo (spazzrecords.com)

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