PI$$ER: Crushed Down to Paste: 12”

Whoever came up with the idea of combing a saxophone with a d-beat band is a genius. On paper it might seem like it wouldn’t work but Pi$$er is here to urinate all over such misconceptions. It’s a weird combination but the saxophone mixes well either through staccato bursts or sustained notes and manages to push songs really well. That being said, the basis of the music is gritty, thunderous d-beat done extremely well, with vocals closer to being intelligible than mere grunts. Not a band I’d heard before but one that has made a favorable impression on me as one that stands out from the crowd. –Rich Cocksedge (Kibou, [email protected], kibourecords.bigcartel.com / SPHC, believeinpunk.com/Cimex, [email protected], cimexrecords.com / Amok, amokrecords.bigcartel.com / TNS, [email protected], tnsrecords.co.uk)