PHYSIQUE: Punk Life Is Shit: 12: EP

Jul 25, 2018

Back when I was a kid, Flipside used to put out “video fanzines,” VHS tapes featuring live performances of assorted bands filmed largely around the Los Angeles area. One band in the series that demanded attention was the Iconoclast. Opening with an image of a plane dropping bombs with a super-distorted bass providing the soundtrack, things quickly switched to the band cranking out a wild performance of their song “Battlefields”—with flailing arms, whipping heads, and a wall of Discharge-influenced noise. My friends and I were floored. Physique sounds here like they cribbed their sound straight from that performance—heavy Discharge influence buried under sheets of distorted guitar noise, and I can easily see in my mind’s eye them just walloping their instruments in wild abandon. Not always hip on the “d-beat” stuff, but this bad boy is fuggin’ choice. –Jimmy Alvarado (Iron Lung)