PHANTOM HEAD: Self-titled: LP

Mar 22, 2017

Dark and sludgy, this Kansas City band trudges through an LP’s worth of spooky songs convincingly well. It’s the sound of contemporary death rock—not the black eyeliner and clove cigarettes type of death rock of the ‘80s, but instead the modern take on it, with dark, often atonal, psyche rock songs and misanthropic lyrics that any despondent fan of the genre will love. One thing that I feel is holding this record back is that it unfortunately suffers from an overall lack of production. There are no highs or lows in the sounds, but maybe that’s what they were going for? Lack of dynamics aside, this is good, and I’m certain this band would knock me on my ass in a live setting. Recommended. –Mark Twistworthy (Blak Skul,

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