PETROLEUM SPIRIT DAZE, $5, 5½” x 8½”, risograph-printed pages, 16 pgs.

This is a fun Halloween haunt comic starring a younger Plus Man from Ben Sears’s steampunk and Aardman animation-inspired Double+ series. Goggled Plus Man and cohort Basil are driving a big rig through the night. They stop in the spooky town of Oakleaf, which is full of costumed mummies, witches, Frankensteins, and Draculas. Everyone is gathered for a big Halloween festival but there is something eerie going on behind the scenes. Many of the panels are so chock full of ghouls that you may find yourself searching for a Waldo cameo. I’m a sucker for Ben Sears’s blocky-yet-round artwork and a bigger sucker for Halloween-related stuff. This lil’ spooky tale is for anybody who shares my aesthetic. –Rick V. (Ben Sears,