PETRIFIED MAX: Charlie Drove North: CD

Sep 29, 2020

Former members of Trotsky Icepick branch out with this new project. The jazz fusion roots of that band climb out of the dirt here and there on this recording. “Length of Rope” reminded me of an Opal song. “Power Pop Heart” reminds me of a Big Dipper song. I don’t know why, since there aren’t any female singers credited in the liner notes. But for some reason bands like The Mamas And The Papas and Big Brother And The Holding Company come to mind. I’m not saying that anyone singing sounds like Mama Cass or Janis Joplin. Maybe it’s just a ’60s vibe I’m picking up. Challenging to classify, but maybe you might have more time right now than usual? –Sean Koepenick (Poison Summer,