Aug 01, 2019

I first heard of this group while on a walking rock tour of the Lower East Side in New York City last summer as Pete Bentham himself was among the sightseers. This is a six piece rock’n’roll band from Liverpool with punk ideologies and lots of saxophone. They stick to a shtick of ’50s dinner style dress for the backup vocals and call themselves Kitchencore. Some of the influences and comparisons I hear in their big band punk songs are X-Ray Spex and Toy Dolls, plus some of The Sonics. The sax really sells a lot of these songs and it always makes me wish more bands would try horns and not just to go the ska route. This release is a gatefold vinyl record collecting their best efforts of the last decade, my personal favorite being “Goth Postman” not only for its ridiculous and fun premise, but those driving drums and powerful guitar riffs are just awesome. –Kayla Greet (Anti Pop)

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