PETE BENTHAM AND THE DINNER LADIES: What’s on the Inside Has to Come Out: LP

Sep 22, 2023

Self-proclaimed kitchencore from Liverpool, U.K., this band is a little bit chintzy and a lot catchy. As far as their aesthetic goes, there are two members dressed as dinner ladies—gingham dresses, curly grey wigs, sunny side eggs made of felt on their chests. All the band members also have kitchen-inspired stage names such as Tash Potater, Sonny Rolling Pin, and Tony Calzone. But this kitschy kitchencore band is not just for show. Lyrically, they tackle topics of social causes, political activism, and how to battle hate against the oppressed. “Jarg Bizzie,” for example, is Liverpool Scouse slang for fake cop. The first song on the record is “What’s on the Inside Has to Come Out” and it’s a banger (belter for the U.K. folks). We’re dropped into a fast-paced, jangly anthem about being true to yourself. Their song “Mum and Dad” sounds like The Sonics, especially with the horns. I could also make comparisons to X-Ray Spex, though that seems too on the nose. If you’re into anarchistic cabaret music like Dresden Dolls or World/Inferno Friendship Society, you’re gonna love this. –Kayla Greet (9x9)

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