PET FOX: A Face in Your Life: LP

Sep 22, 2022

The third full-length from Boston’s Pet Fox was actually recorded in the fall of 2019 but for reasons I can’t figure out is only being released now. It’s ten songs clocking in at thirty-two minutes and is the perfect amount to leave you satisfied but also knowing you’d take a second helping if offered more. Some songs do an angular pivot like late-’90s/early-’00s Dischord Records stuff (“It Won’t Last”). But there’s also peppy power pop on these tracks (“Undeserving You”). What’s interesting to note is that despite the upbeat style on many of the tracks there’s also a subtle sadness and sobriety. It’s also worth noting the contrast and how well the pop structures work with Theo Hartlett’s mellow, easy-going vocals. (Hartlett, along with bassist Morgan Luzzi, both play in the indie rock band Ovlov.) I’ve been a fan of Pet Fox for a few years now but this latest album finds them really hitting their stride. –Kurt Morris (

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