PESTIGOR: Nurgle’s Rot: 7”

Jan 21, 2022

Ah, the unholy alliance of primitive thrash metal and d-beat hardcore—the beautiful, evil offspring of which can pound even the (punk or metal) purist’s heart back to life. First and foremost, Pestigor bring the fuckin’ riffs on this three-song debut. Completely raw and primal, but not just a cacophony of noise: the guitars are meaty, the drums are heavy, the vocals are appropriately cavernous and wild, and the mix is absolutely perfect. I’ve listened to this five times already and just keep flipping. The next, real challenge for this type of music is the full-length, where dynamics are crucial to sustain interest through ten to twelve songs. I look forward to Pestigor accepting that challenge. –Chad Williams (Satan’s Piss,