PERVERTS AGAIN: Friday Night Light: LP

May 23, 2018

I lived in Ohio for a while. I bought some of my first records at Van Leunens. I’m not a native, but I lived there long enough to know it’s a weird and wonderful place America doesn’t appreciate enough. We have documented proof that something in the water there produced great art. All the New York Water Authority can claim is good bagels. The band plays solid punk drudgery with driving guitars, sarcastic cyborg delivery, and strange keyboard squeaking. I’d like to write this whole review and not once mention Devo, but Perverts Again succeed so well at doing what Devo did in creating a world around their weirdness that they should be applauded for it. The mechanical Ohio “cronk” can be reproduced, but to give the delivery meaning in the way Friday Night Light does is beyond what the average Devo copycat can manage. Friday Night Light is a weird punk world of which you’ll want to be a part. –Billups Allen (Total Punk,