PERPETUALLY TWELVE #8, 8½” x 5½”, color copy, 84 pgs.

Since this issue’s release in 2012, a number of issues of Perpetually Twelve have surfaced on a variety of topics, including an issue on Fugazi that garnered quite a bit of attention a year or two back. This issue collects drawings and reflections on monsters from a variety of artists. The great power of the compilation zine is to level generic, stylistic, and social distinctions that so often become exclusionary in the art world proper, or at least preclude some connections and collaborations that could otherwise occur. The drawings and imaginings of the monstrous that make up this issue of Perpetually Twelve span any such distinction, and the resonances and dissonances produced are great fun. A few interviews and short writings break up the art, but for the most part, it’s all about the artists. I don’t know much about the guy, but McHank seems to be committed to this kind of thing: bridging gaps and promoting art at all turns, an admirable pursuit. –jimmy cooper ([email protected], IG @mchankendlessdrawings)