PERIPHERIQUE EST: Ring Est: 12” 45

Mar 22, 2017

Not a word of heathen English crosses the lips of this flirtatiously-monikered Brussels band, who deliver six songs of sublime garage with occasionally accelerated tempos hearkening back to the bouquets whiffed from only the finest casks of KBD swill, sometimes gently spritzed with staccato tambourine banging or two-finger piano. Wait, they use the English word “GO!,” as well as “Sammy,” which I suppose is Japanese. Those particular deviations notwithstanding, I always knew that once the Francophones could be convinced to start singing in French, leaving the half-assed attempts at speaking English to the Americans (who can’t be expected to know any better), the world would be a far more excellent place. Clearly, Utopia is ours for the taking these days! This record makes me want to pogo stiffly with a comically exaggerated overbite. None can ask fairer than that! BEST SONG: “Amoureux d’une Merde.” BEST SONG TITLE: “C’est Go!” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Although the record was released on an American label, the spine, aggravatingly, reads down-to-up. ¬–Rev. Nørb (Modern Action)