PERFECT DAY FOR SCOTTIE PIPPEN, A, $2, 4¼” x 5½” copied, 20 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

This zine is a very short story that is kind of like joint fan fiction of (as the title suggests) NBA star Scottie Pippen and the J.D. Salinger story “A Perfect Day for Bananafish.” I’m not completely convinced that it needed to happen, but it’s fine. The narrator uses this disaffected, casually observant voice that is very difficult for me not to slip into now that I’ve just read this whole thing. Apart from the two unlikely subjects suggested in the title, the story is really mostly a meditation on the hypermundane—is stuff like this still called alt-lit? I don’t know, but there’s considerable discussion of Pop-Tarts and reality television. –Indiana Laub (Cookie Books, [email protected])