PEOPLE’S TEMPLE PROJECT / SLEEPER WAVE: Meditative Exercises in Body Deprivation Recovery and Cross Brain Wave Frequency Modulation: LP

May 20, 2019

I’m unsure if this is two separate artists, but I am sure that whatever collaboration this is, ultimately, it was meant to confuse the passerby just a little. It’s hard core math rock that beats against your skull with the intensity of every drum hit. It offers a presentation of being some sort of meditative self-help record, which is charming enough for a majority of the tracks. The opening side eventually delves into noise rock of the chaotic variety. The hypnotic motions of the record definitely seek to emulate a meditative quality, but it does count on you being one of those people who finds machine noise to be oddly comforting. The Sleeper Wave side of the record is generally more palatable in the traditional sense, with songs reminiscent of the early ’90s Dischord Records catalog. Overall, interesting, if a bit trying at times. –Gwen Static (IFB,