P!EFKE: Probleme: LP

May 25, 2021

It was the cover art drawn by German illustrator Bimmi which brought this to my attention and led me down the path of buying the album and a T-shirt with the art on. It’s a simple, yet effective, drawing of the front of a building, but it just really stood out to me. Fortunately, P!efke are the equal of the cover and I really do enjoy its brand of in-your-face, rambunctious, and tuneful punk rock. Songs are kept relatively short, the production brings everything together extremely well, and I’m just left with the sense that this is a band I’d really like to see live. It’s hard to pigeonhole P!efke as the band just plays invigorating punk rock; it doesn’t need to be logged into one particular genre and its appeal should be not limited by such narrow categorization. At the moment I can’t listen to anything else, this is hogging my ears. –Rich Cocksedge (Bakraufafita, [email protected], bakraufarfita-records.de)

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