PEAWEES, THE: Walking the Walk: LP

This record is from 2007 and I can’t tell if it’s a repress or what, but it’s come across my desk for review here thirteen years later. It’s a jaunty rock’n’roll record from a four piece out of Italy. There are some particularly bluesy leads throughout, but mostly they’re leaning on big, chunky guitar riffs that are super powerful. The drums are forefront in the mix and really drive home this kinetic noise that really riles me up. But it’s the vocals I’m truly in love with. Their singer has a deep and raspy voice that is somewhat like a loud whisper. It just punches through every song and is carried along with those huge, melodic chords from the guitars. “Cloudy Vision” is a hell of a song. It’s got a fast beat while the singer draws out guttural grit over and over again. Really enjoyed that track and the album as a whole. –Kayla Greet (Wild Honey)