PEARS: Self-titled: CD

Fuck, Pears can do anything. They’ve consistently blown me away with their intense wall of sound approach to music. Each time I’ve seen them live has been as good if not better than before. This new record has all the earmarks of fantastic Pears songs—pummeling ferocity, tough hardcore screaming, reprieves to melody, anxiety-inducing breakneck speed, very little breathing room, and those sweet hints of pop punk stylings. In this new record they lyric check “Mambo No. 5,” “Macarena,” and “Love Shack.” While the B-52’s song came out in the late ’80s, the other two are part of the mid-’90s zeitgeist. In the songs they referenced, the former becomes a symbol of the elite class, while the latter are brought to mind in a song called “Dial Up.” Lyrically, Pears are a powerhouse of intelligently strung together lines. Every word was picked with intentionality behind it. One of the only problems is that if you’re reading along while the song is playing, you may be struggling to catch up. Zach Quinn has no problem leaving you in the dust with your jaw on the ground. The song that really caught my attention was “Travellin’ Time” where Pears tease out what their mid-’90s songs would have probably sounded like. It falls starkly between alt rock and pop rock. Hell of a release once again. These dudes are way talented. –Kayla Greet (Fat Wreck)