PEACH PIT: Live at Jumbo’s: LP

Aug 01, 2019

Detroit punks Peach Pit have an indie, folky sound. They describe themselves as pop punk but they are less the melodic, upbeat, fast-tempoed power chords with lighthearted lyrics and more like pop punk with a parental lineage that branches from The Replacements. I’d bet they have listened to a lot of Hüsker Dü. The album starts with a pop punk standard topic—a former relationship—but I appreciate how the lyrics have more to do with going to therapy than the usual “my ex is crazy” trope. “I Don’t Want You Back” is almost a continuation of that story where the lyrical protagonist realizes their life is better without that partner. The song I enjoyed most was “Still Lazy,” which starts with twinkly guitars but builds to a riffy crescendo underneath a stream-of-consciousness reflection on life. –Lorien Lamarr (Salinas,