PAUL ARÁMBULA: “Submarine” b/w “Submarine” 7”and Walk thru This World with Me: CD

Mar 26, 2020

If you get into freak, lo-fi bedroom recordings, you can’t go wrong with the song “Submarine” that’s the 7” portion of this release. It’s super DIY, a little dorky, and a little psychedelic. The CD potion of this release, Walk Thru This World with Me, is described as: “A show about what happens in the streets/the outside world. Journalism thru basic accounts of strangers narrating what they’re doing. (R)eenacting what they’re doing, thoughts which they ignite. (A)nd conversations with them/us. A bit of interactions with those no longer strangers, and some music to tie it all in.” All that adds up to an uncut sixty-minute track, a sort of sound collage of found sounds, street ambiance (Berlin and New York), and voices interspersed with more of Arámbula’s odd musical stylings and simply talking into a recorder. It works way better than it should and is weirdly calming in a way that warrants repeated listening. –Craven Rock (Gilgongo)