PATSY’S RATS: Rock & Roll Friend: 7”

Sep 22, 2016

Being a shy fan of Portland, OR’s Mean Jeans, I was pretty excited to check out Patsy’s Rats who call Mean Jeans’ Christian Blunda one of their own and one half of the fun male/female vocals Patsy’s Rats offer. The other half of the singing duo is Patsy Gelb, the band’s namesake. The title track on the single is definitely the strongest. It’s shimmery, singalong-worthy, and reminds me of the best parts of youth and what summer used to mean. Like all nostalgia, there is a subdued hint of sadness that makes me feel like this was written for grown-ups like me. You can never be sure if the songs on a single are going to be throwaways or gems but the remaining two tracks, “It’s Gonna Hurt” and “Hard Time Karen,” follow a similar vein sonically and deserve a listen. –Nicole X (La-Ti-Da,