PATRON #1, $0.25, 3” x 5”, copied, 14 pgs.

Jan 25, 2024

With the subtitle “Employee Spotlight: ‘Moms at Work,’” Patron is a series of mundane conversations between clerks and clerks, managers and clerks, and a manager and caller to the store, all of which have the running theme of a mother (typically one of the clerks) in the role of caretaker for her son while she’s at work. For instance, one clerk leaves money for her son at her drawer before going on break so if he comes by while she’s out, he’ll have it for the ice cream truck. The caller to a theater asks the manager to set aside nachos for her son so that he can “just pop over and grab an order without having to buy a movie ticket.” Five such conversations fill this zine, which is alternately titled Circle Hills Mall’s Patron. The zine “boldly prides itself for not only having no plot or story,” and indeed it’s just slices of life set in a mall. If you’re a fan of Desirous Chomp and Jelly Cake, both by the same creator, then this mall-set mundanity will suit you just fine. –Gina Murrell (Piecemeal Fortress, [email protected])

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