PATHOGENS, THE: Patient Zero: EP

May 23, 2018

Cinder Block is back! I loved Tilt and definitely have been on the lookout for female vocalists who could belt it out even half as well as she does. This band is a six piece out of the Bay—two guitars, female and male vocals, drums, and bass. Jesse Luscious from Blatz and Markley Hart from Econochrist round out this lineup too. This is what you call an East Bay supergroup. Cinder and Jesse contribute two songs each lyrically, but both lend out their talents on all four tracks. In the last third of “Better Bother You” there’s a biting reference to that moron Trump before jumping back into the lightning quick ear worm of a chorus. Once I saw the pedigree of talent in this band, it was a no brainer to pre-order this EP. I’ve since spun it over and over with no signs of getting sick of it. Fast, catchy East Bay punk in 2018. Fuck. Yeah. First hundred copies are on white / pink splatter, and the other four hundred on standard black. Absolutely worth picking up. –Kayla Greet (1986’d)