PAT SALWAY: Yesterday’s Freshies: CS

Sep 17, 2018

Sounds kinda like how the Dream Syndicate might’ve started out if they’d have been more into Bowie instead of the Velvet Underground, e.g., sorta like the Quick or the Pop or the Dogs or someone like that, but with relaxed, Psychedelic Furs style saxophone occasionally wafting up into the mix to underscore the torment to which flesh is heir. One of the only two lyrical phrases I’ve been able to decipher involves the dude having a needle in his arm, so I’m guessing this is the cutting edge of the Acupuncture Rock movement and we should all take note. Overall, I found this cassette listenable and reasonably enjoyable, but, in the final analysis, the songs all sound like they’d fit right in on the L.A. IN compilation, and, unless we’re talking about the Twisters, I don’t know what that’d be worth to you. Bring back the Twisters! Only they can save us! BEST SONG: “Grown Up.” BEST SONG TITLE: “New Surrender.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This dude was totally not in the Freshies.Rev. Nørb (Crypt,