PASTAWAYS: Tunes of Terror Vol 1: CDEP

May 23, 2018

Pastaways is a Chicago punk outfit. Identifying with the Misfits and Ramones, Pastaways certainly evokes the sound of earlier punk records. This short release contains just four songs. The first, “Basket Life,” is a fun and energetic track with pounding drums and a rushing vocal delivery. I instantly became excited for what this record had to offer after hearing it. I was disappointed, not because the songs took a turn for a worse, but because they sounded so remarkably alike. The first three songs have beginnings so similar I had to listen to them twice to make sure I was not listening to the opening track on repeat. The sound is playful and the performances are tight, but there is absolutely no variation within this project. Hopefully the band is able to preserve its energy while diversifying its sound in future projects, because there truly is potential here, but the release as a whole is entirely repetitive. This is a nice release, but one that simply doesn’t deliver enough. –Anna Farr (Self-released,