May 15, 2023

Pascow has been around for around twenty-five years and, given the band’s longevity, it’s surprising it’s not on the radar of many, or so it seems to me. Over that time, the band has developed hugely, from a rough, standard punk sound to something which has culminated in Sieben (Seven), an album of outstanding quality. As my family will attest to, I’ve been playing nothing else for a couple of weeks. It’s really struck a chord with me. At its core is a melodic punk approach, but there is a flexible quality to the structure of the songs. The fourteen tracks offer a musical journey which has a number of extreme highs, none more so than “Mailand,” which is an absolute banger of a track. The song has a wonderful drive to it, provided by a pair of violins, which offer the memorable lead within the song that has taken up residency in my head. The use of that instrument adds an extra dimension to an already very good song. It’s one I never tire of hearing. Throughout the album there are hints of grandiosity in some of the songs, including “Himmelhunde,” without them coming across as overblown or self-indulgent. With some out-and-out punk rippers like “Gruesst Eve” and a host of more straight-up melodic tracks, Sieben ends up as an amazing piece of work. The inclusion of a host of additional singers also aids the variety this album offers and all work very well. A modern day classic. –Rich Cocksedge (Rookie, [email protected],

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