PASAŻER #36, 25zł, 8” x 11½”, printed, 212 pgs.

Sep 29, 2020

No joke, this is the thickest zine I think I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like twice as thick as Razorcake! It’s obviously a bad time to be a tree! As for the content, well, you’ll thrill to Art Jagodka’s latest column, entitled DLACZEGO BIEGNIEMY SZYBCIEJ NIŻ KEIDYKOLWIEK, A LICZNIK STOI W MIEJSCU?, not to mention bathing in the righteous fury of Z NOTATNIKA EKOLOGISTY! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off wondering what you missed in the last two issues after DLACZEGO ŚWIAT POTRVUJW PUNKÓW vol. 3, and who could ever forget the well-documented majesty of ANARCHIA W PLENERZE CZYLI PUNKOWE FESTIWALE 2019? Believe you me, I’m still marveling at the table of contents, which lists the interviews with 1125, 105 Lux, Anti-System, Battalion Zośka, Booze And Glory, Bunkier, Deez Nuts, Comeback Kid, Eye For An Eye, Fertile Hump, Foreign Legion, Flogging Molly, Gimp Fist, KMKZ, Hank Von Hell, In Evil Hour, Jad, Mamusiu Ratuj, Mahones, Moira, Mnoda, One Way System, Paranoid Visions, Refused, Janusz Reichel, Satanic Surfers, Schrottersburg, Sheer Terror, Skorupa, Slime, Sucker, Szambo, Szumkot, Tasiemka, Venta Quemada, and so much more, which all appear in the zine in alphabetical order! Then you’ll notice that Comeback Kid and Deez Nuts should have swapped positions, and you’ll wonder if there truly is a god! The whole shebang wraps up with a full twenty-five pages of recenzje, so don’t tell me you can’t find any good records these days! There’s also a twenty-four band CD included, in case the 212 pages left you vaguely unsatisfied. Oh, I may have not mentioned this, but the zine is entirely in Polish. You betcha dupa! –Rev. Nørb (PO Box 42, 39-201 Dębica 3, Poland. [email protected])