PARTIAL TRACES: Wild Surf/Quiet Blues: LP

Jan 05, 2022

Hello! Here are members of The Soviettes, Banner Pilot, and Gateway District doing dark and moody pop music! Like, way moody! Like, for real! There’s synth! There’s pretty, spooky guitar lines! There’s Maren Macosko’s flat-out incredible, heartbreaking vocals! This is cold weather music, heartbreak music, melancholy music. “I know you got some old blues. Something you haven’t placed. I guess it follows. Guess it hitchhikes. I guess it finds its way.” This is some of the most resoundingly saddest shit I’ve ever heard, and it’s beautiful and perfect. What a treat, man. Fall has arrived, winter’s on its way, and this is the soundtrack for it. Simply cannot recommend this enough. –Keith Rosson (Salinas)