PARTIAL TRACES: Low Definitions: LP

Let’s do a lil’ crash course just to make sure we’re all on the same page. In the mid-’00s members of The Soviettes, Salteens, and Rivethead congealed into The Gateway District. They released several incredibly catchy records with their final one coming out in 2014 called Partial Traces. Life does what life does and the lineup wasn’t as flexible as it once was. Three-fourths of GWD re-assembled with some extra help and became Partial Traces. To me, Low Definition is just as catchy and listenable as any previous projects’ material. The main difference is its sauntering, contemplative tempo, forlorn guitar tone, and the addition of tasteful, droney synth, low in the mix, adding enough body to the song so it’s as if they are almost standing erect in the room with you. This is definitely not pop punk, but hauntingly melodic and captivatingly constructed for fans of spirit, rather than subgenres. As the years add up and youth is less of a memory as it is an idea I’m just going to have to take your word on, more and more I appreciate musicians who give you the chance to grow with them. Partial Traces have once again created a moment. It’s music that you’ll be able to use as a touchstone to your own timeline. A signifier. A memory. And all those times you used to spend late at night watching old INXS videos, Partial Traces are blazing that trail in the here and now. Absorb, exhale, grow. –Daryl (Salinas)