PARTIAL TRACES: Ghosts of the Sounds: 7”

Damn, I really just love Maren Macosko’s voice. She caught my ear in The Soviettes, demanded my full attention in The Gateway District, and then captured my heart with Partial Traces. This current project really settles into the fine lines of feelings, much like the grooves on this lathe cut record. They get comfortable with being uncomfortable and find some truly beautiful ways to show it. All of these tracks were written and recorded in quarentimes and it definitely shows. The tracks are so brutally venerable, honest, dark, and ripe with ennui. At this point we’ve all spent the better part of a year with our lives completely upended. I’m so grateful that lovely bands like Partial Traces are continuing to write new material in such an unpredictable and scary world. And these three tracks are thoughtful, introspective coping mechanisms for dealing with loneliness and a lack of human connection. The songs are so incredibly relatable for me that they feel like going through a tragic heartbreak. They all have a rather slow pacing and these discordant guitar melodies laid over a gated snare that sound very ’80s. It’s beautiful and haunting all at once, though within these songs I’m also finding hope, and that’s what I choose to hold on to. –Kayla Greet (Salinas)