PARKING LOT: My Life Is a Mess: LP

Mar 19, 2024

I like the artwork and overall graphic design on this record. The use of red and yellow definitely has me thinking about that hot dog painted on the front cover. The music is a poppy post-punk type affair with a stoner vibe. It’s more rooted in the present instead of mining sounds from the past. Bouncy rhythms, playful delivery, lyrical commentary on weed dealers, old vans, parties, and all that goes with it. “Coming Back,” a tale of walking with an old man in a strange town, is a definite favorite. It’s mid tempo, the mood is pretty light, and the chorus sticks in your brain. But the show stealer goes to “The Heat.” It’s different from all the other songs here. It’s slower, more direct in its approach, and the lyrics are a seriously poetic take of trying to escape the heat. “Gasoline stains on the ground, Shifting shapes like lizard on a hot stone…” They should have ended the album with that song. “Elevator Man,” reminds me of Sublime and Sugar Ray, killing the mood. Other than that hiccup, if you like poppy post-punk, give this a spin. –Matt Average (Phantom,,

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