PARIIAH: Swallowed by Fog: CS

Mar 17, 2021

First, that is not a typo. Pretty sure they added the extra “i” to avoid confusion with the other Pariah bands out there, as well as any other Pariahs that add an extra letter to their name as well. Like, what if you like this band and see a record by a Parrriah, you just remind yourself this one has the two “i”s because the one with two “r”s could suck. I’m reminded of the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America and the burger place that had a name and logo similar to McDonald’s. They were quick to point out that McDonald’s has the arches, while they had the arcs. See? Same logic as the Pariah to Pariiah. Confusion cleared up. Thankfully they’re on Bandcamp, since my tape player broke years ago, and I have zero interest in replacing it. Anyway, Pariiah are on the metal end of the spectrum with ex-members of Kill Your Idols, Books Like, Devoid Of Faith, Das Oath, Milhouse, and a few others. The guitars are heavy, abrasive, and grimy-sounding. The riffs bring to mind early Mudhoney and Tad for some reason—and these guys are far, far away from being a grunge band. It’s maybe the heaviness those bands had in the beginning? The dual vocals work well, reminding me of ’90s crustcore, but again, these guys are not a crust band. That distorted bass opening to “Red Hour/Memories in Black” is ungodly! Then it transitions into the second half of the combo title and those drums hit hard over the ominous din. Then the title track closes it off with even more heaviness. The last two tracks of the four are the strongest of the bunch. I’m looking forward to what these guys do next because their past endeavors never disappointed, and this band with two “i” shows as much potential. –Matt Average (Trip Machine Laboratories,