May 25, 2021

Funny how history is so forgiving. This band has been hailed as “fuzzpop titans” or some shit. Bands like Supercrush and the like just discovering SubPop, Nirvana, and the Lemonheads thinking they rediscovered how to make fire. I get it. The sun has gone around the earth enough times for us all to forget. It was like all of us lot ripped off Minor Threat and the Necros and thought we had remade hardcore. This band is as much the hazy fuzzpop of the grunge era as it is the fey Christian Deep Elm label of the ’90s—Planes Mistaken For Stars or Appleseed Cast. I can imagine teenagers bursting with hormones swaying with their eyes closed while the guitarist wears no shoes. Whatever floats your boat. They always say “Don’t trust anyone over thirty,” so what the fuck do I know? –Tim Brooks (Debt Offensive, debtoffensiverecs.bigcartel)

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