PARADISE: I Wanna Behave: 7” EP

Sep 26, 2019

We live in an era when instant gratification rules the roost. We want our food prepared for us, our computers to boot up instantly, our lovers a swipe away, and we want it all now with no wait. Likewise with music—if we aren’t bombarded with catchy hooks within seconds, we’re out the door and looking elsewhere. It seems Paradise are aware of our short attention spans and have opted to thin the herd by starting the title track with forty-five seconds of a single churning guitar chord, followed up by a relatively rote punk riff, before delivering up the tasty core of a sludgy but sweet pop jam. Similarly, on “Contagious,” the first minute or so leans heavily on grunge riffing before a glimmer of pop appears, and another full minute after that before the vocals kick in... thirty seconds before the song ends. When they eventually pop up, those pop moments, along with the whole of the other two songs here, are a perfect distillation of Hard-Ons heft and Teenage Fanclub saccharine brilliance, smudged and sludged in the best of ways. Much thanks for the reminder that sometimes waiting is worth the effort. –Jimmy Alvarado (Debt Offensive,