PANDEMIX: In Condemnation: LP

May 20, 2019

This record is so good, I worry that I am not going to do it do it justice. It’s politically charged monologue-punk, with equal parts hardcore, skate punk, and Red Dons-style post-punk. The record comes at you like a sonic blast, unrelenting until the final note. It, at times, made me wonder if the entire thing was done in one take since the songs move into each other at such a breakneck pace. This record is intimidating as hell! The rose on the cover, being stomped by a high-heeled shoe, is representative of your brain which is about to get its ass kicked. The closest band I could think to compare Pandemix to is PEARS, and I wouldn’t say that really nails it. The wildness is there, though, the unpredictability. You never know when the song is going to make a sudden breakneck turn into something else entirely, and that’s amazing. It’s been a while since a record so viscerally grabbed me by the opening notes and refused to let go. It’s been a few days since my first go and I’m still thinking about this record when I’m not listening to it. My highest recommendation, we could all use a moment to check this one out. –Gwen Static (Dirt Cult, / Boss Tuneage,