P.C.2: Next Place: LP

Nov 23, 2016

Hailing from a small countryside town in Japan, P.C.2 is a revived version of the band Pay Channel. Major kudos is in order to Secret Mission for providing a stateside LP from this outrageously energetic group. Taking classic 1977 sounds and mixing in 1990s garage and streetpunk influences, a unique, yet instantly catchy amalgamation emerges. There are seven originals and two covers (a Flamin’ Groovies song and a Frantic Stuffs song), punctuated by a vocalist who sounds as though he’s seen a straightjacket or two. Hopefully P.C.2 sticks around this time so that we don’t have to wait another fifteen years for Pay Channel 3. –Art Ettinger (Secret Mission, secretmissionrecords.com)