Split from Houston’s Overo and Tokyo’s Asthenia, this 7” ruled. I was very into it. The Overo side is a great juxtaposition of a four-minute dive into the early 2000s, a less hardcore version of Circle Takes The Square (fuck, I miss that band), and a super heavy forty-seven-second ripper that just play nicely. The Asthenia side is also excellent—what I imagine we all are happy to know emo had stayed somewhere while elsewhere we’ve had to witness its demise at the hands of the last twenty years. It’s all Rainer Maria, heavier Denali, I Hate Myself up in here. Always welcome in my home. –Theresa W. (Forge / Count Your Lucky Stars / Middle-man, Fundonor / strictly no capital letters / Lilac Sky / Polar Summer / Scully)