OUTRIGHT: Keep You Warm: LP

Sep 22, 2022

Australian quintet Outright might be a new discovery for me but the band has been around for over a decade so has a fair back catalog under its belt. It’s hardcore mixed with a bit of metal, topped off with Jelena Goluza’s impassioned, angry vocals—and let me tell you, it’s a belting combination. The band has a menacing sound, both when hitting the gas and speeding things up but also significantly when the pace drops and slower, heavy riffs take over. I was listening to this at work and a colleague asked why my head was moving so much. I had to explain that it’s one of the records that’s impossible to stay still whilst listening to. Goluza’s venomous words target the patriarchy, colonization and its impact on the indigenous people, and the destruction of the environment. It was only when listening to this on headphones that the mix really hit me, showing how well the guitars played together as well as the rhythm section maintaining a tight and true course. I have to acknowledge the drumming of Rory Kelaart, which is outstanding both in its ferocity but also in how he provides a variety of percussive moments within songs. Previous releases have convinced me that this is not an outlier in terms of quality and a number of purchases have been made. –Rich Cocksedge (Reason And Rage, [email protected], reasonandrage.bigcartel.com)

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