OUTCASTS, THE: Tell Me the Whole Story: 2 x LP

Aug 01, 2019

A collection of this venerated Irish punk band’s singles, 1978-85, remastered all nice and purty for your ears. Never quite achieving the “household name” status of The Undertones, U2, and Stiff Little Fingers, The Outcasts nonetheless held their own musically, with much more “street” evident than their fellow countrymen, and the diversity of tunes here show a maturation in craft without the slide into mediocrity so many of their punk peers ended up wallowing in. All the hits—“Love Is for Sops,” “Mania,” “Justa Nother Teenage Rebel,” “Frustration,” and so on—are here for your listening pleasure, along with assorted B-sides and such. Thumbs enthusiastically hoisted high. –Jimmy Alvarado (Secret Mission, secretmissionrecords.com)