OUT FROM THE VOID #3, $?, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 30 pgs.

Did you know that approximately two thousand people go missing every day in the United States? Most of those people are found but there are a number who simply disappear. Families are left waiting for years and even decades for a phone call that never comes or a body that is never discovered. This issue of Out from the Void explores some of the mentally ill individuals in Eugene, Ore., who are missing. The main individual the author focuses on is a woman named Judy Ann Parker. After having a psychotic break in December 2016 at the age of seventy-two, she left home and hasn’t been seen since. The author explores Parker’s life and how she got to the point where she disappeared, as well as the search for her. There are also short accounts of five other individuals who are missing. Two other articles are about mental health, prison, and homelessness. While it’s some heavy subject matter, it’s written with sensitivity and maturity. If these are subjects that pique your interest, this issue of Out from the Void is worth your time. –Kurt Morris ([email protected])