OUR NEIGHBORS SUCK: Skullkrusher: 10”

Sep 22, 2016

Our Neighbors Suck were from Phoenix in the mid-’80s. They played with a lot of really cool bands when they were around and put out a record on the German label Rock-O-Rama in like ‘85 or ‘86. You wouldn’t know this from buying this release because there is literally no information about the band in this record except the years the songs were recorded (between ‘85 and ‘88). The only reason I know anything about them is because I hang out in Arizona sometimes, but you never find their stuff over there because A.) They were not very good and B.) Record stores are generally sketched out about selling anything that came out on Rock-O-Rama after 1984. In any case, what you get here is mediocre skate rock with really over-the-top (not cool) vocals that push it into some metal territory. This is kind of straddling the line between later Gang Green records and like… a crappy bar rock band. To top it off, the art on the release sucks and the cut sounds terrible. Apparently, this label was started just to reissue old stuff from Arizona—and that’s really cool—but I’m legitimately bummed out by this. –Ian Wise (Slope, sloperecords.com)

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