Sep 26, 2019

Other Horrible Animals are a Texas-based post-punk/noise rock band that incorporate elements of DC area punk/hardcore, early ’90s emo, and post-hardcore into what they’re doing to create a sound that is thick and heavy, with every note seemingly played with a specific intent. Riff-based songs that are sometimes driving and sometimes more subdued and rhythmic, where the notes that aren’t reached and the guitar strings that aren’t hit are often just as important as the ones that are, with utmost attention played to open space, letting these songs breathe. Textures and “groove” (for lack of a better term) are not lost here, as this 10” has six songs of well-crafted, discordant songs with enough non-cheesy “groove”-based hooks to really grab my attention. Absolutely recommended. –Mark Twistworthy (1407, 1407records.com)