ORUÃ: Sem Benção / Sem Crença: 2 x LP

Apr 08, 2019

This is the latest project from Le Almeido who has been cranking out music under various names for a while now, apparently. This is the first time hearing his music for me, and I’m hearing a poppy, semi fuzzed-out Breeders that mutates into Sonic Youth and flashes into the Pixies, along with current sounds from artists like Föllakzoid and The Holy Drug couple. He delves into the more avant-garde spectrum as well, elevating this and avoiding being stuck in a retro rut. Two LPs of this may seem indulgent at first, but repeated listens and allowing yourself to get wholly into the music will reveal it all makes sense. If you like pop—but also really like getting far out into other sonic realms—then dive in. –Matt Average (IFB, ifbrecords.com, ifbrecords.bandcamp)