It’s like a whole band made up of #1-Primus-fan creepy uncles all trying to out-weird each other. A lot of atonal guitar riffage and inane lyrics seemingly made up on the spot. Awkward comedy-rock vocals. I don’t know; one side of this is called “Anal Dentata, Part 4,” and there’s a song about a dude hiding in the bushes with his dick in his hand. I don’t want to emphasize too strongly how wacky this is because that’s clearly what the makers of this intended in sending this out for review, and I don’t like being played. But the strangest thing about this? About a minute and a half of the song “Mudface” right in the middle of this godforsaken thing is actually a pretty good dorky alt-rock song. Truly unexpected. –Indiana Laub (White Worm, no address listed)