ORPHAN GOGGLES: Meat Face Needs Eyes: CD

Apr 08, 2019

Eight songs here, so just shy of a full length. This band is from Los Angeles so I am picking up some Black Flag flavors with just a dash of Melvins sprinkled on top. “Pig Force” packs a punch for the first three minutes. If the song had ended there, I would have said this is the tour de force of this record. But then it just meanders on and on and on… until we are at the seven minute mark. “Positioned Well” is maybe a rap/metal hybrid like Green Jellö? The last song has a Primus feel, so I wasn’t sure where I was when it all ended. There is certainly a lot going on here but somehow it was a little too off the wall for me. –Sean Koepenick (Whiteworm, [email protected])