ORDINARY LIVES: Time Tested: 7” EP

Jan 18, 2017

In a recent interview, I saw Steve Roche describe this EP as “very much in the Baroness/Torche vein” and, really, who am I to disagree with a man about his band? There’s definitely that metal quality, especially in the mix of super fast riffs and chugging pace, but there’s also something more intricate and introspective too. These songs are definitely the center of a three circle Venn diagram that brings together a member each from Bridge And Tunnel, Off Minor, and Nimbus Terrifix: there’s the grindcore-influenced super thick and mobile bass lines, impressive noodley guitar riffs that rock, and super intricate and precise math-y drumming. The vocals have some real hardcore conviction and clarity, with lyrics that ruminate on getting older but in a way that balks at the question itself, rather than lamenting the subject. Something between chaotic and regimented, this is a harbinger of great things to come. –Theresa W. (Yo Yo, yoyorecords.blogsport.de / Tor Johnson / State Of Mind / Square Of Opposition, [email protected])


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